Discover some of the best businesses in Malvern transforming the local area into a thriving hub of innovation and creativity.

Teamwork and collaboration can prove powerful tools in the business world.

As Michael Jordan famously said;

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

This simple sentiment rings so true inside a working environment. But it also holds significance in a larger business sense outside of the walls of your workplace.

The world of business is no doubt competitive, at times even cutthroat. The emphasis on knowing and outmanoeuvring your competitor has never been so strong, as new data and intel keeps formulating at our fingertips.

However, companies working together also reap many benefits, as businesses in Malvern are discovering.

Here is a list of 10 businesses in Malvern you should connect with and follow.

Malvern Companies

INDRA Renewable Technologies Ltd

INDRA is committed to making the roads a greener place with smarter, better, faster EV chargers. The company was formed in 2013, when founder, Mike Schooling, decided he wasn’t going to wait for the next Tesla Model S release, so converted a Mazda RX8 into a full electric. A little later he realised there were no decent EV chargers on the market.

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D-RisQ Ltd

D-RisQ is a leading UK software systems provider offering a suite of superior software verification products designed to help organisations meet the most complicated and strictest software assurance standards set by international regulators.

This award-winning company has adapted its intelligent software verification products for many industries, including aerospace, autonomous systems, automotive, marine, defence, cyber-security, and nuclear decommissioning. D-RisQ has even worked on major projects for the UK government.

Through implementing their high-tech, automated software systems, D-RisQ reports that their clients reduce software development costs by up to 80%, compared with traditional test and review methods.

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The Inn at Welland

Need a place to go for a work lunch?

Serving delicious British cuisine, The Inn at Welland is an award-winning restaurant offering an exceptional dining experience in a breath-taking location overlooking the Malvern Hills.

The Inn at Welland has even been awarded a Michelin bib Gourmand and AA Rosette Award for culinary excellence.

This successful business in Malvern prides itself on using the freshest ingredients from the local area while maintaining an extensive wine menu with bottles from all corners of the globe.

Owners, Dave, and Gilly took over the venue ten years ago with a vision to provide delicious food and deliver impeccable service. Using fresh ingredients from local farmers and their very own herb garden, their menu naturally changes with the seasons, giving their patrons something new to try on every visit.

You can even rent The Inn at Welland out for weddings and events.

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Malvern Hills Science Park

Occupying a ten-acre site, the Malvern Hills Science Park (MHSP) is home to a community of over 400 people. The MHSP’s facilities are top of the range in the region, located in an area of outstanding beauty. The state-of-the-art complex incorporates science, technology, and business with modern office spaces, meeting rooms, and science laboratories.

Businesses in Malvern who rent these spaces have access to many perks, including a reception team, flexible accommodation, carpeted units, raised access floors and kitchen facilities. There’s even an on-site café, 24 hours/365-day access control system, and parking.

The Malvern Hills Science Park is a hub for Malvern businesses. By letting out its premises to local brands, MHSP fosters a community and culture of collaboration, innovation, and creativity.

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Sarah Jane Interior Design

The next one to add to your Malvern business directory is Sarah Jane Interior Design (SJID). Since 2003, Sarah Jane and her team have been helping create beautiful homes. From the initial design stage, right through to completed decorations and building works, Sarah Jane Interior Design offers a complete interior design service across the UK and overseas.

Recognised as a 5-star design company on Houzz, SJID prides itself on hiring the highest quality seamstresses, interior designers, and tradespeople to deliver their standard of quality throughout all their projects.

With over 17 years in the industry, Sarah Jane’s Interior Design also has its own first-class sewing and upholstery workshop, making them a one-stop-shop for making, designing, and restoring everything locally.

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Mark Atkins Associates

Mark Atkins Associates is a firm of Chartered Surveyors based in Malvern. Specialising in investment consultancy and property management services, the statement, mission, and vision of this Malvern based firm are to provide a fresh, enthusiastic, and strategic approach to all their client’s needs.

Established in 1997, with other 70 years of combined knowledge, both Mark Atkins and Michelle Gardner are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

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Select Research

Select Research is a specialist in 3D human body measurement. Recognised as one of the leading companies in the world for 3D human body analysis, this forward-thinking business in Malvern is revolutionising 3D scanning for healthcare, wellness, and fitness.

A major feature of Select Research is its use and speciality in Body Volume Index (BVI). This ground-breaking technology goes beyond BMI and creates an accurate measurement for obesity – calculating, monitoring, and tracking key health risks.

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D Morris Design

D. Morris Design is a family run business specialising in architectural design services in Malvern, Worcestershire. Creative Director David Morris began the firm in 2018 with a vision of building a different architectural design practice, based on flexibility, honesty, and quality.

With over 25 years of experience, D. Morris offers a distinctive flexible architectural service for creative clients and self-builders.

Freshly equipped with a new website and an impressive portfolio, you can really see why this Malvern business is flourishing.

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Think Outsource

If it’s accountancy support you’re after, keep Think Outsource in mind. This Malvern-based business offers customer service and expertise in accounts process, knowledge, and software.

For 15 years, Think Outsource has been helping big and small businesses with a personal and confidential relationship approach to managing accounts.

Think Outsource’s services include bookkeeping, credit control, payroll, accounts receivable, payable, financial reporting and management reports.

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Design in the Shires

We couldn’t compile a list of businesses in Malvern without including Design in the Shires!

Our award-winning family-run agency provides a professional yet friendly and relaxed service. We specialise in web design, branding, digital marketing, SEO, mobile app design, and creative writing.

We’re a proud and passionate team connecting with clients online and offline with an ethos celebrating creativity, happiness, honesty, and transparency.

We also prioritise the importance of mental health and wellbeing, offering wellness hours, lunch clubs and flexible working hours. We believe that the key to exceeding client expectations is to focus on the core of our business first; the people. The happier they are, the more inspired they’ll be to create brilliant things.

If you want to visit us, you can find us at the Malvern Hills Science Park.

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More ways to connect with businesses in Malvern

No matter the size of a company, businesses collaborating can help solve collective problems. The benefits of collaborating businesses include:

Financial – Increase domestic or export sales to support a bigger contract, cut costs by sharing resources, or create a larger following and scope of customers.

Manpower – Develop employees’ skills, safeguard jobs, increase employment and motivate the team.

Physical resources – Share facilities, resources, equipment, and raw materials.

Intelligence – Take advantage of combined expertise, knowledge, and creativity.

If you’re keen to connect with other local businesses, take a look at the Malvern Business Directory. 

Growing stronger every day, the Malvern Business Directory is a great way to find local businesses in Malvern, Colwall, Ledbury, Cradley and surrounding areas of the Malvern Hills. 

If you're a small business in the Malvern area and you wish to be included in the directory, you can find all the relevant information on the page. 

To engage in conversation with local businesses and share best practices, take a look at the Malvern Small Business Forum. The forum is free to attend and join. The meeting takes place once a month, and it’s a great way to learn about business alongside building healthy business relationships.

Happy connecting!

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