It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to Claire Wozencroft. Claire will be leaving the DITS team at the turn of the year to pursue new opportunities in the world of freelance Business Development.  We will forever be grateful to Claire for the work that she has done alongside us at DITS, both in growing and developing the business; but, also in supporting us as Directors in what was a new and challenging phase of business development.

We first began working with Claire in 2022 when sadly her agency, V8 Media, had to close its doors. DITS worked alongside Claire to provide the caretaking services that were needed to ensure her clients did not experience an interruption of services. As you can imagine, this was a difficult and emotional period of time for Claire, and it was very important to us that we support her as much as possible.

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to employ someone with the knowledge and skills that Claire has, so offered her a job to help steer the business through our growth period.  Claire also provided much needed support to the business whilst Jess was on maternity leave nursing the new arrival, Lily. In fact, Lily very helpfully arrived 3 weeks earlier than planned on the very day all the servers were due to be transferred. Not the best timing!

During our time working with Claire, we have got to know her very well.  We are now lucky enough to count her as a friend, and will hopefully continue to work with her in some format for many years to come.   We know that some of you have worked with Claire for many years, and that she will be missed by you too.  We also know that you would share our message of encouragement and support in her new ventures.  

Claire has vast knowledge and experience in the industry and we are sure that she will have a queue out of the door for her services in Business Development. Offering advice to businesses on their strategy and how to grow their sales and raise their profile, as she has done for us over the last year.

If you are interested in talking to Claire about how she can help your business then please get in touch with her
07904 556047

Those of you that have worked with Claire will know her to be knowledgeable but incredibly personable; professional but with a wicked sense of humour; strategic but empathetic and understanding. We will miss her terribly, but wish her all the best of luck for the future. We couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

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