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Thank you for joining our Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chambers of Commerce Webinar on the The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Please fill out your details below to download our presentation and notes. We are also offering all webinar attendees a free website review and a free telephone consultation.


Let’s be honest, it’s probably safe to assume that you are not sitting on a wealth of experience in website design and SEO. Unless you’re a secret graphic design whizz with a marketing background, you’ll probably struggle to build a website which competes with other professionally developed ones.

Choosing to build you own website can provide a cheap option. They can be easy to set-up and go within a few hours. However, in our experience their SEO performance is often poor and people can usually spot a cheap template website. Not a good look for you clients.


You might find a website designer who can build you a beautiful website, but if they know nothing about SEO no one will find it.  If you find someone who is brilliant at SEO but can only really throw something about in a standard Wordpress theme, your users will probably find your site and bounce right back to their search engine results.  You need to put your trust in someone who knows and appreciates the importance of all the elements.