Kapferer Brand Identity Prism and content marketing

Another way to ensure your content marketing isn’t damaging your brand identity is to keepJean-Noel Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism in mind when you’re copywriting.

This famous model proposes that a brand’s success is driven by a company-wide utilisation of six elements:

•  Physique – this is the physical characteristics and iconography of your brand – i.e. Nike’s swoosh and sleek Apple iconography.

Personality – this part of the Brand Identity Prism is based on how a brand communicates with the world – i.e. its tone of voice and its copywriting.

Culture – this concerns the value system and the principles which reflect the brand’s behaviour – i.e. the internal way of working and the environment they create for their workers.

•  Relationship – this describes the relationship between the brand and its customers, plus what they believe they’ll get from the brand beyond their product or service – i.e. John Lewis offers warranties.

Reflection – this part of the Brand IdentityPrism is all about the brand’s target persona – for example, Toyota’s content marketing and advertisement targets families.

Self-image – this part deals with how the customer sees their ideal self. A brand needs to understand how they want to look and behave, then tweak their content accordingly.

While the physique and culture parts of the Brand Identity Prism aren’t really relevant to content marketing, personality, relationship, reflection and self-image are.

Whether you’re writing a promotional email campaign or putting some SEO website copy together, every word you use directly impacts the Brand Identity Prism and the way your brand is perceived.

First and foremost, it’s essential to know your brand’s target persona (Reflection) and the way they want to act or be seen(self-image).

Once you establish these two components, you can establish a tone of voice which resonates with this target audience (personality). Within the written content, you can include subtle reminders of the USPs or benefits that go beyond your standard product or service (relationship).

All four parts of Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism enable you to create content marketing which makes your brand more recognisable, more relevant and more successful.

So, the moment you start creating your next piece of copy for your content marketing strategy, keep your audience in mind and remember the impact your words can have on your brand identity.

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