5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Responsive Website

It is what customers expect – don’t get left behind.
Research shows that 45% of people will choose a different search result if the first isn’t mobile friendly.  

Positive User Experience – introduce your customers to fluidity and flexibility
Responsive websites are built with the user in mind and require no manual resizing or fiddling to get a viewable page.

Lower Bounce Rates – keep people on your website
An adaptable website keeps users engaged and spending time on your website because it is easy and fuzz free.  User experience is paramount with these designs.

Improves your SEO performance – follow Google best practice
Google rewards responsive websites in the search rankings, loves the lower load speed and recommends the design as best practice.

Increases sales, revenue and conversions – be accessible on the go
Your customers can more easily spend their time and money on a website that is consistent across all of their devices.

‘Responsive Website’ may sound like a techy buzz word but it is one that is worth taking notice of. How many times have you visited a website whilst on the go using your smartphone only to find that you are zooming in and out to hit buttons.  You are shown images that don’t display correctly and the page is just not designed to fit your device. The result is that you probably stop using the website and find a different one that is designed to work on your device.  

A well-built responsive website is the answer to these problems and make sure that your customers stay to do business with you on your site, rather than leaping off to one of your competitors.   As the usage of smartphones and tablets explodes globally it has become more important than ever to have considered the user experience of these customers.   2016 was the first year that we saw mobile devices used more than desktop computers to browse the web – this is not a statistic that businesses can ignore.  

The beauty of a responsive website is that it literally ‘responds’ to the device that is being used.  The website adapts to the viewing screen and behaves as if it has been designed specifically for your device.  The result is that whether your website is being viewed on a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone it looks just as beautiful and is also just as easy to use on each.   A responsive website makes sure that you cater for the needs of all your customers, not just those using a static desktop PC. 
The technology available now to web developers building responsive websites is pretty incredible.  There is no longer any reason to compromise on mobile friendly design, as there was when this technology first appeared.  For an example of this in action view www.designintheshires.co.uk on both desktop and smartphone and see for yourself how the website appears to have been designed for both displays.    

Whether you are looking to introduce a brand new responsive element to your website, or if your responsive website needs a refresh using newer technology and design then look no further than Design in the Shires.  For a quote or more information please email info@designintheshires.co.uk and our friendly team will be happy to help.

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