use search engine optimization to Make sure people find your responsive website

Get a website that offers outstanding user experience and turns traffic into business. Work with us at Design in the Shires and see the benefits of making a long term investment in the science of search engine optimisation. Use analytics reports to better understand how users interact with your website and get all the statistics about how it performs.  Make sure that when people find you online they remember you.

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maximise your SEO PERFORMANCE


Writing meaningful content relevant to our clients businesses is the key to our SEO strategy. By including the phrases your customers will search for in the structure of your website we can maximise your SEO performance.


We always create our sites with search engine best practice in mind. Our web team know a thing or two about how to design and build websites that perform. Make sure the right people find you when they search online.


Improve your SEO performance with a mobile friendly responsive website that adapts beautifully to all devices. Create an interactive website that's easy to use on the go and see the benefits of SEO and outstanding user experience.

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"If you're after a website that performs over and above your competition, in every aspect, then look no further than the masterminds behind Design in the Shires! On time and on budget, my website doesn't only look awesome but it's right up there in Google searches for all the key phrases my customers use….the result? More business for me!"

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