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YOU FOUND US, why not pick our brains and get some free advice on your brand, website and design?

At DITS it is important to us to share our knowledge to help you make an informed decision about the next steps to take. We can provide you no obligation, objective advice and guidance about which services might suit your businesses and which implementation plan would maximise you initial investment.  Start small with us and then build as you grow, invest more when you have seen the value in your initial investment.

We can improve your visibility to support your growth

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We appreciate that the last year has been a difficult and uncertain one for many businesses.  At DITS we want to do everything we can to help.  We have designed a set of services that you can scale up to fit your budget to provide a more accessible route into improving your digital and print game. Once you can see the value in your initial investment, we are confident that you will see the benefits to your business of further improving your digital shop front, digital marketing and brand identity.

We are a safe and trustworthy pair of hands. Check out our Google Reviews if you don't believe us.

Advice and services
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DIGITAL Strategy

Have you maximised your visibility online? Making sure that your customers can find you is the starting point for success. A digital strategy will plan how your business will create new competitive advantages to generate enquiries and leads.

Brand Review

Is your brand up to scratch? Can your customers recognise it and does it tell the right story about who you are and what you offer? Consistency is key with a brand, our team can review all your collateral to make sure it looks as professional as possible.

content Review

Content is an important part of any website, marketing or design project. The tone of voice you use will help  customers to understand who you are and what you're like to work with. Content is also vitally important for SEO success as well as to engage readers.

Marketing Strategy

Engaging your target audience through an effective marketing strategy will bring you enquiries that turn into conversions. Use an organic SEO plan, paid ad strategy and social media strategy to generate interest in your business from your target market.

WEBsite Review

How is your website really performing? Website success is made up of many factors. Let us review your site to see where improvements can be made both visually, for user experience and for SEO success. Don't fly blind, make sure your site is fit for purpose.

Marketing Collateral

Are you still producing company documents in Word? Making sure your marketing collateral is professional and matches your brand can make all the difference. If it looks like you cut corners, your customers will be worried your cut corners with your business services too.

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Who are Design in the shires?

Design in the Shires offer a friendly relaxed solution to all your web design, marketing and graphic design needs.  We work differently, we aren’t restricted by the formal approach of the corporate world. We adopt a more relaxed approach, focusing on creating a stress-free environment where creativity and productivity flourishes.

Our greatest asset is our highly skilled incredible team who enable us to deliver a complete solution to our clients. 

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why you should trust design in the shires

There are a huge number of options available across the industry, and it is important to us to help people make an informed choice. It is very easy to waste a lot of money on a badly executed website that doesn’t get found, or a marketing strategy that doesn't deliver the results you paid for.  

A lot of people have been burnt and there can be an air of distrust for the industry.  We have seen it ourselves, often coming to the rescue of companies disappointed their initial investment did not deliver the expected results.  


We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients. We will make sure that working with us produces something you can be proud of and that is why our clients are always happy to recommend us.

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Great service from the team at design in the shires. They took their time to get to know myself as well as my business to make sure that the finished product was best suited for me. Thanks again for the logo and I'm looking forward to really getting it out there.
Tendu Climbing
Absolutely great service and perfect website design. How it should be done and I would highly recommend.
Will be using Design in the Shires for more projects in the coming months!
Unique Polymer Systems
Ben and the team at Design in the Shires have been absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you so much for providing such a high quality, friendly and efficient service.
Many thanks to all the team at Design In the shires.
Practice Nurse Training Ltd


Let’s be honest, it’s probably safe to assume that you are not sitting on a wealth of experience in website design and SEO. Unless you’re a secret graphic design whizz with a marketing background, you’ll probably struggle to build a website which competes with other professionally developed ones.

Choosing to build you own website can provide a cheap option. They can be easy to set-up and go within a few hours. However, in our experience their SEO performance is often poor and people can usually spot a cheap template website. Not a good look for you clients.


You might find a website designer who can build you a beautiful website, but if they know nothing about SEO no one will find it.  If you find someone who is brilliant at SEO but can only really throw something about in a standard Wordpress theme, your users will probably find your site and bounce right back to their search engine results.  You need to put your trust in someone who knows and appreciates the importance of all the elements.