website design built to fit your needs. an affordable way to scale up as you grow your business.

We take pride in creating websites that stand out from the crowd and deliver exceptional user experience. Our team of talented web designers and developers specialise in building websites that give your customers an engaging digital experience. We can offer you a high-quality tailored package designed to deliver the results you want to see, whatever your needs are.  We can work to your budget. The websites that we offer are scalable, start with what you can afford, and then once you can see the value in your initial investment you can confidently choose to invest further.

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small website design

If you have a limited budget and just want to get started then this is the option for you. Start small and simple, and add content as you grow. Perfect for small businesses who want to get started with building their digital presence.

large website design

The perfect option for businesses who want to maximise SEO performance. We all know Google loves content, show off what your business has to offer. Invest in a beautifully designed website that changes visitors to customers.

e-commerce website design

If you have anything you need to sell, physical or digital, you need an e-commerce website. Use safe payment gateways to make it easy for customers to buy your products. Don't forget, the website will look beautiful too.

specialist website design

If you need something a bit different, or more technically advanced then you need our specialist development team. From, stock management systems to bespoke calculators and password protected member areas, we have done it all. Challenge us, we're ready!

Website Design in Worcestershire
why you should trust design in the shires to build your website

There are a huge number of options available across the industry, and it is important to us to help people make an informed choice.  It is very easy to waste a lot of money on a badly executed website that doesn’t get found, or deliver the results you paid for.  

A lot of people have been burnt and there can be an air of distrust for the industry.  We have seen it ourselves, often coming to the rescue of companies disappointed their initial investment did not deliver the expected results.  

We are a safe pair of hands, check out our Google Reviews if you don't believe us.

"After a hideous and drawn out experience we came to DITS. They get to know a business, are responsive, personable, incredibly patient and always cheerful!"

Lucy - EMS Marketing Manager

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what you need to know about successful websites

There are four vitally important elements and independent fields involved in the process of creating a beautiful website that doesn't just look stunning but also performs well. Whatever you choose to do, we want you to go forwards with knowledge to help you make the best decision for your business.

A website is your shopfront, it’s the gateway for your client to access your business and all the information you want them to absorb. Don’t go to the effort of building an exciting new business and then fall at the final hurdle.  If you buy cheap, you buy twice and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  If you put your trust in an agency that understands what it takes to build a successful website, that can also assist you with your brand and marketing and has a highly trained team, you really aren’t taking any risks with your investment.  


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The best websites catch your eye and draw you into scrolling down the page. It is the design that does this. Make sure when people land on your website they don't bounce back to their google search.


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What is written on your website should reflect what you actually do, and who you actually are. It should be engaging and written to  influence your target audience. Good content is the best friend of SEO.



How people interact with your website is crucial to its success. It should be intuitive and easy to use on all devices.  Perfecting the customer journey increases your conversions and reduces bounce rates.


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The science behind getting found. SEO is knitted into all elements of website design and build. Knowledge is key for SEO success. Achieve organic search success with a purpose built site and watch your company grow.  

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so how do you decide who builds your website?

There are two basic options available to you. Either you choose to do it yourself and go alone using a template builder, or, you commission someone to do it for you. We are not here to tell you which is right for you, but from our experience, having someone that knows about website design is always a plus. As digital-savvy humans, we expect stimulating visuals, easy prompts to find things and clear concise messaging. Hiring a professional to build your website will help you achieve this.

Website Design in Worcestershire


Let’s be honest, it’s probably safe to assume that you are not sitting on a wealth of experience in website design and SEO. Unless you’re a secret graphic design whizz with a marketing background, you’ll probably struggle to build a website which competes with other professionally developed ones.

Choosing to build you own website can provide a cheap option. They can be easy to set-up and go within a few hours. However, in our experience their SEO performance is often poor and people can usually spot a cheap template website. Not a good look for you clients.

not convinced yet...

We might not be the cheapest quote that you get.  But, we can confidently say that the quality you would get from us would be the best.  We know our value, we are an experienced, creative and innovative team that are really easy to work with.  If you do go elsewhere, don’t forget us.  Give us a follow on social media and keep up with our blogs, they are packed full of advice and useful tips to help guide you to online success.