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As many of you will already know Google has released Google Analytics4 (GA4) providing a new style toolbar panel with new and improved features. We are in the process of upgrading all our clients (if you are not already upgraded) to the latest version but in the meantime here is an overview of the features of GA4.

What are the benefits of the new GA4 to businesses? Here’s a very simple update on how it will affect you. We’ve chopped out the jargon and gone for a no-fuss, straightforward guide.

Updated Interface

More intuitive feel and easier to use overall.

Event-Based Tracking

GA4 is built around an event-driven system. This will enable you to track every interaction on your website as an event. There are generally more tracking features with GA4 enabling you to have a much deeper understanding of your user's journeys and how they interact overall.

Mobile Apps and Websites Combined Analytics

Create Custom Reports

Not just dashboards. Take control of the data you need to view and download reports as PDFs or Excel documents.

Predictive Analytics

Creates predictive audiences for your website and behaviour including purchasing information (for eCommerce sites).

Better Conversion Tracking/Reporting

Track up to 30 conversions and delete conversions no longer needed.

More Integration with Google Ads

Use the data from GA4 to build custom audiences. You can also track conversions from YouTube.

Customer-Centric Measurements

Understand in more depth how users interact and engage with your website. Build custom audiences to target your Pay Per Click campaigns better.

Want to know how to get the most out of your Google Analytics or understand the importance of tracking and reporting?

Speak to our team who are always happy to answer your questions at or 07950 999 887.

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