Ledbury Health Partnership

The Ledbury Health Partnership provides patients with a compassionate, holistic and effective patient-centred online healthcare service.

This website design is an ideal example of how to collate big masses of content, without compromising the aesthetics and user experience.

The icons at the top of the homepage and scattered throughout the website creates a fluent journey for the patient. While the use of drop-down text blocks intelligently hides content throughout their website.

Sarah Jane’s Interior Design

The final website design example comes from Sarah Jane’s Interior Design. Since 2003, Sarah Jane and her team have been reimagining interior design in the UK.

This forward-thinking approach seems to be rubbing off on their website design too, with the use of shapes and colours amplifying their brand. The overlaying boxes around the stunning high-resolution imagery and compelling content add subtle layers to the site.

If you revisit the website every season, you’ll also notice that the logo and website colours change. This keeps things fresh and in keeping with the evolving nature of interior design trends.

Remember, a website design isn’t finished once you launch it. You should take a leaf out Sarah Jane’s book and look to continually update your website to keep your audience coming back for more.

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